Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lovin' the bouncy seat

Friday night we were welcomed with another new surprise - Riley was laying in a bouncy seat! They said she was big enough now, and at the age where they like a lot of attention, so the bouncy seat should help keep her happy. They also told us we were welcome to start bringing in some toys like that if we wanted. So on Saturday, we brought in our own bouncy seat, with a vibrator on it - and she seems to like it even more.

She's getting closer to coming home, but still probably a few weeks away. They got her CPAP back down to 4, and O2 needs are hovering around 30%. Sometime this week they'll probably try to take out the CPAP again. Hopefully she'll do better than last time. Once she can stay off the CPAP, she'll move out of the NICU and upstairs to the Special Care Nursery. That will be her home until she can take to the feedings and everything well - then its home free!

Her weight is up to 6lb 6oz! Still averaging an ounce or two a day - which means at this pace, she's going to be 7-8lb when she comes home. Wow! If you would have told me that 2 months ago, I would have called you crazy.

Tomorrow will make 100 days since May 11th (if I did my math right), when Pam first went into the hospital. Where did our summer go? Time sure has flown by.

Here's Riley lovin' the bouncy seat. She was trying to hold the pacifier in herself...managed to keep it in there for a few seconds without losing it.

And in her own from home now...the vibrations really seemed to help keep her calm.

In other news, I finally took the plunge and joined Facebook this weekend. Yes, I know I always swore I never would - but with as much as I'm online at home now, I figured why not? Now I know why I avoided it for so long - it has taken over my life! If you're on there, find me and check out the photo albums - Riley has her own full of photos, many more than just what I've posted on here.


  1. I bet Riley does like the movement from the bouncy seat...anything to keep her calm and off that CPAP!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that can be taken away this week!
    Love, Grandma Ginni

  2. I knew you would join the rest of us on facebook sooner or later. and Yes, it does take over your life once you start. :)
    Riley has her own album on not only your page, but Nikki's and mine as well! She should feel very special! haha.

    I cant believe she is already using bouncy seats! Wow!!! Hopefully she keeps up this improvement and is able to be home soon and meet BAXTER! He will love her. Who wouldn't?

    Love you all!
    Aunt Jill

  3. dare I say it? she almost looks kind of "chubby"....compared to just a few weeks ago, when I saw her in person....great progress!

    zia Marybeth

  4. She looks adorable - so sweet and tiny yet chubby too! I hope she is able to come home as planned later this month. And I hope you can find daycare someplace that has taken babies that need extra care.

    Aunt Judy in MN