Thursday, August 13, 2009

6 pounds

Riley officially hit the 6 pound mark the other night, and weighed in last night at 6lb 3oz! We have all these "preemie" clothes waiting for her at home, and she won't even fit into them now. No real changes other than that. They are continuing to up her feedings and phenobarb to go along with the weight gain. Her O2 needs haven't changed much this week, still hovering around 28-33%, and C-PAP level at 5. Need to get it back down to 4, so she can wean off of it and get back to where she was headed towards last week. She's still having little "episodes" just about every day, but hoping that goes away soon too.

Here's another photo from tonight. Red hair and chubby cheeks...that's our baby!


  1. She's looking so great! I can't wait to see her again in person sometime soon!!! We'll keep our fingers crossed that she continues to improve and is home soon!

  2. Riley, you're still our little angel but will temporarily call you our little chubby cherub - ha! We love all 6 lbs. 3 oz. of you!!!! This picture is precious as always!
    Love you!
    Grandma Ginni

  3. Omigosh she looks adorable! I cant wait to see her soon... hopefully at home, just like I told you I dreamt about. I love you little Riley - hugs and kisses all the way from Manhattan!
    Love you all!
    - Aunt Jill