Sunday, August 30, 2009

Due date, and many other milestones

Friday night, we got to help give Riley her first bath. You can tell from the photo below she did not enjoy it, but she was starting to stink so it was necessary. They have given her a few small sponge baths before, since now that she is chubby her "folds" get dirty and stinky. Pam helped wipe her down with a wet soapy cloth, while I helped hold her. Overall, I thought she handled it pretty well - didn't seem to de-sat very much, so despite her fussiness she responded well to it.

Last week we officially picked Riley's Godparents - my brother Michael and sister Jill will serve in that honor. Hope to get her baptized sometime in October, depending on when she finally comes home.

Saturday was Riley's due date. Really had hoped to have her home by now, but as I've said before Riley likes to do things on her own schedule - not what we or the doctor's say. She also hit the 8 pound mark last night. Looking at her now, and some of the new babies arriving in the NICU, its hard to remember when she was down below the 3lb mark...she has come such a long way. Early Saturday morning, they also decided to attempt to take her off the C-PAP for the 4th only lasted from about 2:30am to 6:00am. It seemed to me that they rushed it a little bit, and were doing some other procedures at the same time, plus her phenobarb levels were a little low so I was surprised they did all that at once. So I guess this week we will shoot for #5 and hope she finally takes to the cannulas. Her O2 levels still are doing very well - most of the day around 21-24%. The past few days she's been pretty fussy when I'm holding her...hoping that's more due to gas (she's had a lot of it lately) than anything else. But even when she's fussy, she doesn't de-sat much so that's a good sign that she is more stable.

Here's a picture of her getting the bath on Friday. She was one mad little girl!

Sleeping in Pam's arms, it looked like she was saying her prayers.

After putting her back in bed, she tends to get fussy (obviously prefers our arms to the bed). But somehow Mommy has had the right touch to calm her down. Here they are staring into each other's eyes...


  1. She definitely didn't enjoy the bath that much.. but she was a good sport about it. :) Glad I got to be there to watch.

    I'm honored to be Riley's godmother! Now let's get her home so we can get her baptized!!

    Love you all!
    Aunt Jill

  2. Love this picture! Riley has come a long way & she looks so good! I know you can't wait to get her home. You all remain in my prayers.
    Love, Delee