Monday, August 24, 2009


I've decided to give Riley a new nickname...Chubs. She just keeps gaining so much weight! Up over 7lb 8oz tonight, wow! Just looking at her, I can't believe how big she is after looking over old pictures the past few days. O2 has been doing really well, still around 21-25% the majority of the time. She hasn't had any A/B episodes in over 48 hours now (knock on wood). Hoping to attempt to get off the C-PAP for the third time tomorrow or Wednesday. This weekend she received another blood transfusion (third one now). Her red blood cell count was low, and she was pretty anemic - they said this might have been contributing to her trouble breathing and struggle keeping strength when she was on the nasal cannulas. So everyone keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that the third time will be a charm when we attempt to get off the C-PAP in the next few days...

Here's a good close-up from tonight. See why I call her 'Chubs'?


  1. I always go by and say hi to miss Riley now- she was sleeping soundly yesterday a.m. when I saw her. Hope she does great off of CPAP this time- it's such a bummer when they have to go back on it. See you guys later!

    Kristin (Harris) Hale

  2. Omigosh!! she is a chubs! :) can't wait to come home to see how much she has grown!! see you this weekend little ms. riley!!