Thursday, August 19, 2010

Walking the Line

Don't have time for a full update, but had to get this video out for everyone to see (especially Grandma!) Although Riley has been "walking" for a week or two now, most of it has been a step or two before falling into the couch, our arms, etc. Tonight we got her to go about 5 or 6 feet, 13 steps in all. Below is a video. She's growing up so quickly!!!

Also, here's our monthly installment of the "Riley and Baxter" photo...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So far, So good...

Well we've made it! Yesterday, Pam hit the 24 week mark with "Bubba". It was at that point that her water broke with Riley. Outside of a little heartburn, she's been feeling fine, but then again was feeling great with Riley too. Thursday is her 24-week appointment with Dr. Depew, which she never made it to with Riley. Let's just hope this trend continues and she makes it all the way through this one. He's been kicking a lot lately, and overall is a lot more active than Riley ever was. Haven't been able to feel anything from the outside yet, but she says she can feel it all the time. We're kicking around a few names but probably won't decide for quite awhile. Praying we have 16 more weeks to think it over!

Not much going on the past few week's in Riley's world. Been swimming a lot (in a few different pools), and went to the zoo recently as well. She's getting really close to walking but has yet to take those life-changing first steps. She walks along the table and couch barely holding on, and can stand unsupported for up to 10 seconds or so. She'll even take a step or two towards something and "falls" into it. She jabbers a lot, mostly just "oooooh", "aaaaaahhhh", "babababa", and occasionally "dadadadada". Don't think she's relating the "dada" to me yet, but getting close.

The rest of my side of the family spent last week on vacation in Manitou Springs. I couldn't get out of work, so we debated sending Pam and Riley along with them, but in the end the fear of something happening so far from home as she was nearing that 24-week mark kept them home with me. The doctor was a little afraid of the altitude and she wouldn't have been able to do any of the hiking, rafting, etc. that they had planned. Oh well, maybe next year.

And it looks like we've started a trend. In the past few weeks we've had 4 other friends announce they are pregnant. Looks like Bubba will have a few playmates his age as well! Its reminding me of my neighborhood growing up, with tons of kids around the same age. It will be a lot of fun watching all these rugrats grow up together.

Here's a handful of pictures from the past few weeks. As always, check out the "Summer 2010" album link to the right to see even more.

Riley and Daddy

Pam and Riley have been playing in her little pool a few times a week. Feels great in the hot afternoon sun!

Family photo at the zoo (with Gary the Gorilla)

She's also started taking to a pacifier finally. She never could keep it in her mouth before, but now crawls all over the place sucking on it. I think it helps with her teething.