Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Continuing to grow

Not a whole lot to tell since Friday. Riley is continuing to get better on her oxygen, with her level hovering around 33%. That is the % of oxygen in the air they are giving her - with the goal being 21% (which is what normal room air is). For the majority of the time on the ventilator, she was around 40% - so she is doing great. Her weight got all the way up to 5lb 6oz the other day, but she's lost a bit and is back down to 5lb 3oz. A little weight loss is fine, since she is still way above where she needs to be. At this rate, she should be able to wean off the C-PAP in the next few weeks. Pending any setbacks, we should still have her home before her due date (Aug 29th).

Here's a great picture from last night. Can't believe how big she is getting!

Also....I went back to the early posts on this blog and fixed the pictures. I found out that not only was I putting smaller pics on, but you weren't able to click on them to view bigger versions. I figured out how to do it right after a few posts, but didn't ever go back until now so you could do it on the early photos. So check out the posts from the first week and see how far Riley has come!

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  1. Talk about being pretty in pink!!! What a doll! You're doing so well, Riley! Grandpa and I are so proud of you and LOVE you!
    Grandma Ginni