Friday, June 5, 2009

Week 3 (May 26, 2009)

No changes again this week. We made it to our first goal, which was to get to 26 weeks. Our next goal is to make it to 30 weeks, which will get us close to being out of the "very premature" category. They did another sonogram last week, and confirmed there is still very little amniotic fluid in the womb. It is still being produced by both Pam and the baby, but is leaking out just as fast. Will probably be doing sonograms every 2-3 weeks just to keep confirming that the baby is doing well. Many have asked me what the risks are with the lack of fluid...there are a handful of minor, rare risks, but for the most part the amniotic fluid helps with the baby's lung development. They have offset this with the steroid shots she received the first couple days, and the baby will likely have breathing issues both as an infant and going into childhood. It is very likely she will have asthma or other breathing difficulties.

Again, thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Pam is really feeling loved lately. Starting to plan for a baby shower in the hospital since it doesn't look like she'll be home anytime soon.

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