Thursday, June 11, 2009

Riley's getting bigger!

With her last weigh-in, Riley gained significant weight for the first time! She was back up over 1000g, equal to about 2 lb 3 oz - almost back to her birth weight. They've also increased her feedings (10.5 mL every 3 hours), and as long as she isn't spitting up they'll try to continue to slowly increase. Her oxygen levels aren't remaining stable throughout the day, and her body stresses a little anytime she is disturbed, so for now they aren't planning on removing the ventilator and don't want us holding her or touching her very much. Hopefully she'll grow and mature over the next week enough to where we can start holding her a little. We did receive a small piece of good news today - the preliminary results came back from the chromosomal tests and everything appeared normal. They did these just to make sure there aren't any genetic defects that are causing any of her issues. Still some more in-depth results that haven't come back, but all signs are pointing in the right direction.

Pam had her first follow-up appointment with Dr. Depew (OB/GYN) today. He just happened to be on vacation in Europe last week when all this happened, so we got to fill him in on everything he missed. Her staples were removed, and replaced with steri-strips, which will fall off on their own in about a week. They said it will probably be another week before she can start driving, so in the meantime she'll have to live with being chauffeured around. All-in-all, she is feeling really good, able to get around on her own, and is weaning herself off the pain pills

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