Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

It didn't occur to me until we were at the hospital today that it was actually Father's Day. I guess the whole "father" thing still hasn't fully hit me. I'm sure it will come once we get to interact with her a little more. The hospital Family Advisory Council did a nice thing though, gave out Father's Day cards with our baby's picture in it - simple, but really nice to get.

Riley got a lot of action this weekend. Since Pam's baby shower was on Saturday, there was a lot of family and a few friends in town that were able to go up and see her. My sisters hadn't seen her since the first weekend, so they were really amazed at how great she looks compared to those first few days. I guess since we are up there all the time and see the progress slowly, we don't notice quite as much. The shower went great - THANK YOU to all those who were there. I know Pam had a blast, and my sisters/mom did an AWESOME job of putting the whole thing together.

As for Riley's condition, still not a whole lot to tell. She did get the IV removed from her arm. Since she is getting enough fluids in her feedings, and she isn't on any antibiotics, there was no need to leave it in. The only downside is they can't easily draw blood anymore, so she is getting heel sticks every day - which I'm pretty sure she doesn't enjoy, and always has a little band-aid on her foot. O2 levels still go crazy when we visit, but she has been doing much better when she is on her stomach - which I'm told is common. Weight gain is minimal, and goes a little up and down, but she's holding steady at around 2lb 6-7oz. I meant to get some good pictures taken today, but keep forgetting. I get distracted when other people are there and don't always remember to get the camera out. I've been asked for nursery pics as well, and as soon as we get the last few pieces of furniture in there I'll get them taken.


  1. The shower was fun to help throw. Nikki and Mom did the bulk of it, but I was glad to help. It definitely turned out really well, thanks to all the girls who attended.

    Riley did look much better, and it was great to see the progress she has made! :) Can't wait to see her in 2 more weeks, and see how much progress she has made within the first month of her life!

    Happy belated father's day joey!!

  2. I thought it was very nice of the hospital to make that cute card for you. Your very 1st Father's Day gift! How special!

    We had a great time planning and throwing the shower. I'm glad we had such a good turnout, and that you got so many of the essentials that you'll need when she comes home. I'm sure you'll be on the receiving end of so much more by the time she leaves the hospital! I know we won't be able to resist buying a few more things from the registry!

    Riley is looking better each time you post pics or I see her in person! She's just such a perfect little person!

    Love you!

    Auntie Nikki