Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 12 update

Another few days down, and not much to tell. Riley's holding steady now, her oxygen is stable at about 30% so they can't take her off the ventilator quite yet. They have been able to increase her feedings a little more, but they've got a little ways to go before they feel like she is where she needs to be. Just a little spit up every once in awhile, but she's been keeping most of it down. Weight gain is slow, but she's back above birth weight. It still amazes me every time I see her at just how small, yet perfectly proportioned she is. Here's a few photos of her holding Mommy and Daddy's hands...

Today she was very squirmy, and didn't want to stay tucked in. It is kind of ironic, because both Pam and I like to stick one leg out while sleeping and keep our foot outside the covers. Well, here you can see Riley already takes after us in this aspect...


  1. Thanks for the Blog. I enjoy learning about Riley's progress You are all in my prayers Love Patti Buser Goller Cincinnati, Ohio

  2. Wendy MacWilliamsJune 13, 2009 at 10:03 PM

    Joe, she is just so beautiful!

  3. Doll baby! Love her so much! Blow her kisses from me!!
    Love, Auntie Nikki

  4. Great pictures of our little 'Angel'! She continues to amaze me every time I see her or pictures or her! God continues to bless her!
    Love, Grandma Ginni

  5. She is so cute Joe... You and Pam did well... she will be running around getting into everything in no time at all....


  6. She takes after her Grandma Ginni and her Aunt Jill in her sleeping ways too! We both do that! :)
    She truly is a little Angel... I love seeing all the updates. I wish I could see her grow in person, but I'm coming home to see her this weekend!! Can't wait to give her *hand*hugs .. and kisses from Aunt Jill! Until then, give her a few for me..
    Love you guys!!
    Give Baxter an extra treat or two from Aunt Jill... wouldn't want him feeling left out!

  7. Wow! So amazingly perfect, beautiful, and TINY:) I love the blog (plus this way I don't have to wait for Joey to remember to add me to his email list - haha) and I continue praying for her. I hope you guys are able to get some rest!

  8. Congratulations to you and Pam on your beautiful baby girl. These pictures of you holding her hand are simply amazing. It really shows how tiny she is. Glad to hear she is growing and getting good nutrition from Mama. You are all in our prayers, and we are so excited to meet Baby Riley. Glad to hear Pam is healing well also. Those staples didn't sound like much fun!
    Carrie Logback

  9. She looks so great! I'm glad to hear she's progressing so well! A little miracle indeed!