Monday, June 8, 2009

Curious little Rascal

Today was another "good day". I had to return to work, but Pam was able to go up during the day with my mom and we went back again this evening with some friends. Pam got to change Riley's diaper, check her temperature, etc. They took her off "mid-line", which means she no longer has to lay certain ways all the time, and as soon as the arterial catheter in her belly button is removed, we should be able to hold her (hopefully sometime this week). The jaundice lights were put back on her today, but again that is very typical for premature infants. We are also hoping that the ventilator will be removed this week - and O2 levels were good, so there is still a good chance that will happen.

Tonight when we were there, the nurse turned off the jaundice light and removed her blindfold during the diaper change. We were able to snap a few good photos of our baby, and she even opened her eyes at one point to check out everything that was going on. Most likely, she can't really see anything, and her eyes don't have any pigment in them, but it was still neat to see how curious little Riley was. Here is a photo of her looking at us...


  1. It was such a treat to get to meet Princess Riley (that's Hailey's name for her) yesterday. Sounds like she is improving by leaps and bounds. Pam looks wonderful and Grandma couldn't stop smiling! We pray for you all daily and love you all very much!

  2. Riley continues to amaze me each time I visit tiny but yet very strong willed. She's making good progress each day. The nurses in NICU are awesome and take very good care of our little angel!