Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 2 (May 12, 2009)

I know I have talked to many of you already, and some may have heard through the grapevine, but I figured I would just try to update everyone at once via email....

Yesterday, Pam woke up to a gush of water, followed by some heavy bleeding. She called me at work and I rushed right home to take her to the hospital. After a few tests and exams, and another sonogram, they determined that her water had indeed broken and that she has placenta previa - which means it was below the baby covering the cervix (instead of being to the side or above). The baby did still have a strong heartbeat and was not showing any signs of distress. They admitted her right away and said she will definitely be there until the baby is born, and on permanent bed rest. We are at 24 weeks right now (40 weeks is full term), so the ultimate goal would be to get her to at least 34 weeks - in which case they would go ahead and deliver. They said 50% of women in this situation will make it two weeks, which at this point is our first goal. Looking over the statistics, 26 weeks will put us in a much better category as far as survival rate and chance or defect. But, it could also be as soon as tomorrow - once she shows signs of contractions, they will order an immediate C-section. They put her on antibiotics (prone to infection since the sac is ruptured), and steroids (to boost the baby's lungs since they are not yet fully developed).

Last night she slept pretty well (can't say the same about myself). With the IV's, baby heartbeat monitor, and "booties" she is wearing to keep circulation in her legs, it is pretty noisy at night - not to mention the nurses coming in constantly to check on her. All in all, she is feeling very good. We are hoping that continues. So, at this point it is just a big waiting game...and no news is good news.

We are at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. Currently, she is in a Labor & Delivery Room, but once the bleeding stops, we will be moving to a more "permanent" room with two beds since we could be there over 2 months. I will send out the room info when I get it. As far as visitors, I've been told there are no restricted "visiting hours", so anyone is welcome anytime - but we ask no one before 8am or after 10pm so she can rest. But certainly stop by and say hi, the conversation really helps the time go by and take our minds off it.

If you need to reach us, you can get either of us on our cell, or me on email anytime.
Pam cell: 316-737-0087
Joe cell: 316-304-5445
Joe email:

Thank you to everyone who has sent their prayers and already helped us in so many ways. I'll continue to update you all as things change.

To read more about Placenta Previa, click this link:

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