Thursday, July 23, 2009

New bed for Riley!

Yesterday came with another great surprise. Riley finally got the new bed, an open crib, that we were hoping to see for a little while. Her weight is up at 4lb 8oz, and is holding steady - and her temperature has remained stable on her own as well, so they felt it was time to move her up.

This past week she had another few small setbacks which delayed the bed a little. She came down with another infection, Pseudomanas (?), which they found in her lungs. Her blood and urine cultures came back clean, which the doctor said is a good thing. He said they caught it early enough that it is easy to treat, but if it had spread to her blood then it would have required a lot more to treat than simple antibiotics. But she has reacted well to the drugs she's on now, and is back on the path to getting the ventilator out by next week. PIP/PEEP are at 21/6, and vent rate is down to 22. At this rate, we are still hoping this weekend or first of next week she'll get her first chance since birth to breathe on her own.

Here's a picture of Riley's new bed:

And a closeup...can't see much since she's all bundled up to keep warm.


  1. What a big girl now! How nice of her to give Grandma such a nice birthday present (right Grandma?)!!! Sounds like she is doing very well. A few ups and downs, but that's life. She's learning to be a fighter already.
    Love to all, Annie

  2. Riley, you look soooooo cute in that 'big girl bed'!!! I miss you and hope to see you this weekend! I'm praying that that ol' ventilator gets to come out soon!
    Love you,
    Grandma Ginni

  3. Ah! She is just movin' on up so quickly. Hopefully she settles down on the small setbacks for a while... I miss you and cannot wait to come home and see you this weekend! :) Hang in there little angel!!
    Aunt Jill

  4. So glad to hear the good news. Riley has grown so fast. She has gained weight a lot faster then Katrina ever did. I hope she continues to do well in her new "big girl bed, & she will be home with you before you know it!
    Love, Delee