Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Photo

On Friday night I got to hold Riley for a little bit again, and we took the opportunity to get our first family photo. It didn't turn out that good, but here it is anyways. Too bad Baxter couldn't make it, for the complete family portrait.

Today she started having more episodes of A&B (apnea and bradycardia), so was requiring a lot more monitoring and bagging due to frequent desats. Her phenobarb levels were low as well, so they gave her another dose. She'll probably end up back on the chloro-hydrate as well to get her calm. We went up twice today and both times she was very active, and wasn't rebounding as well as she had the past few days. We are hoping this is just a small setback and she'll get back to the positive pace she had been on this week. Her weight was up again though, up to 4lb 5oz. Just wish her lungs would grow as quickly as the rest of her body! Here's another photo from tonight, looking like a big girl and very alert.

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  1. Cute picture!!! And she is growing so fast! I hope I get a chance to see her while home this weekend! Love you all!!