Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unplugged and Mobile

Riley's had a big week. I think in the past 10 days or so she has grown about 3 months! Last week I think I mentioned she had started "army-crawling", moving around on her stomach pulling forward with her arms. She'll start out on all fours, then fall over onto her stomach to get moving. Then on Wednesday she actually started moving on all fours crawling for real. Now she's moving all over the place! Guess it's time to get a baby-gate and baby-proof the house. We're so excited that she hit this milestone before she turned 1. Now just hoping she can walk before baby #2 arrives in November

The other big news of the week came on Friday. Got the call back from Dr. Riva and Riley passed her 2nd sleep study! This means that for the first time since she was born, she is no longer on oxygen at night, and not plugged into a monitor. It's come just in time too, since she's all but outgrown the bassinet. Head-to-toe, I don't think she has more than another few inches before she's hitting both ends. The challenge now will be to wean her out of our room and into her crib at night - I think Riley will take to it fine, it's Pam that will have the harder time adjusting (haha).

Pam had her check-up with the OB this week too, and at 11 weeks she's still doing great. Baby is about 1.5" big, and heart rate was 170bpm (almost identical to Riley at that point). 9 days post-op for me now, and starting to get around pretty good (drastically better than I was in the photo below). Ditched the crutches by Wednesday, and slowly getting back to 100%. Have physical therapy once a week for the next 5 weeks, and by then hopefully will be back on the softball field.

Here's a short video of Riley showing off her new-found skill. She's getting faster and more coordinated every day!

Riley and me resting after knee surgery...

Riley and big brother Baxter

Riley standing in her crib...whining because she can't figure out how to sit back down

Riley crawling!

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