Monday, May 31, 2010

Big Birthday Bash

Riley has spent the last few weeks improving upon her newfound skills of crawling around and pulling up on things. We finally had to start baby-proofing the house - put up a babygate on the stairs, covers on the outlets, and bolted the new bookcases to the walls. She loves to follow Baxter and Mommy around, and watch out the front and back doors. She is also sleeping in her own room now, and doing pretty well with it. A few times this past week she has gotten up more often, but between teething and allergies I guess the fussiness is to be expected. Overall, she is sleeping through the night most of the time.

Last weekend we got our first professional family photos taken. Got them done at Portrait Innovations and were very happy with the results. Click on the "Family Photo" link to the right to see them all, I posted a few below. Riley cooperated long enough to get some real good ones taken!

This weekend (Memorial Day weekend) we had friends in town, and enjoyed a huge celebration on Saturday. Had quite the house (and back yard) full of people to join in celebrating Riley's 1st birthday. Pam's mom made an awesome cake, and Riley was very spoiled with presents. Thank you to everyone that came out! We also went to our pool on Sunday, Riley's first visit to the neighborhood pool. She did pretty well with the whole experience until her feet hit the water. She didn't seem to like the water, we are thinking it was the cold temperature. Other than that, she didn't mind the sun and all the people. I'm sure she'll get used to it as the summer goes on...

The awesome cake and cupcakes Pam's mom made.

Riley being very timid about eating her cupcake...

Riley playing with her big brother Baxter.

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