Sunday, April 4, 2010

March Madness

Sorry for such a long delay, we've actually had a pretty busy month so lots to tell but haven't had the time to get on here.  Kind of ironic after my last post commented on how boring things were around here.  Spring break was a busy week for the whole family.  I got the opportunity to go to the opening rounds of the NCAA tournament in Oklahoma City, and while I was gone Riley got to have a few more "firsts."  First, Pam took her to the indoor pool at the YMCA with my mom, sister, and niece/nephew.  They had a blast, but Riley didn't enjoy it that much.  It was pretty crowded and VERY loud.  Now she seems to have developed a fear of water.  But I have no doubt that this summer she'll turn into a fish just like her cousins.  The next day they all went to the Sedgwick County Zoo.  This was the first time she got to sit upright in her stroller (rather than in the car-seat), and seemed to enjoy being able to look around.  She was pretty indifferent to all the animals, and at the petting zoo she actually passed out pretty quickly.  We'll have to make a regular thing of this, as I know by her love of dogs she'll really enjoy seeing all the bigger animals.

This past week was a little rougher on her.  We hit a few birthday parties last weekend, and as it turns out there were about 4 sick kids total we encountered.  Not sure who started it all, but we all had to endure the aftermath.  Riley came down with a high fever late Monday night and wouldn't sleep or eat for a few days.  Went to Dr. Nichols (pediatrician), and he said it was "just a cold" and she would get over it in a few days.  Fever was persistent but with lots of Tylenol and Motrin she was over it by Thursday.  Wednesday was my birthday, so Pam's mom came over to watch her while we went to dinner and a movie.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the present I was hoping for - as that was the day we were to hear back from Dr. Riva on the night-time oxygen.  We got the call, but she said we've got to go another 6-8 weeks with the oxygen at night.  She said during the sleep-study we did, her saturation dropped a few times down into the 70's, so she wasn't comfortable taking her all the way off yet.  Let's just hope she gets rid of it by her 1st birthday!

This weekend has been fun - celebrated Easter today with both sides of the family.  Didn't do a whole lot, but Riley got to wear her pretty Easter dress.  Took her to my parents' church for the first time and got to show her off to lots of people.  After dinner at Pam's mom's house we took a walk and played at their park a little bit.  She didn't really like the swings but smiled a little more on the slide.  Guess we'll have to try that again when she gets a little older.

She's starting to roll over more, and likes to rotate in circles while she is on the floor.  Does a lot of "grunting" which I guess is her form of talking.  She smiles up a storm and is starting to hold her arms out when you approach her so you'll pick her up.  There have been many times lately too where she has that attachment to mommy and daddy and cries for anyone else.  Always sucks when it is a close family member, but I know she'll grow out of it.  She still isn't a great eater, but does have her moments where she will suck the bottle down.  Isn't spitting up as much as before, seems like the reflux medicine and mylanta do the trick.  We are getting an upper GI done in a few weeks just to make sure she doesn't have a hiatal hernia.  It is something that has ran in my family (me, my dad, my uncle, my cousin...) so there is a chance that could be contributing to her problem.  Other than that she is developing very normally and has been a very happy baby.

I posted a lot more pictures in the "Spring" photo album to the right, but here are a few of the highlights:

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  1. Thanks for FINALLY posting....I was having withdrawal...ha! What a busy month you've had!!!!! Riley is such a ray of sunshine!
    Please don't wait so long to post again - ha!