Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Showers Bring...Another Baby?

Another exciting week for us.  Last weekend my family came over for a BBQ after my mom and sister took her kids to the circus.  Took a walk after dinner and played at our neighborhood park.  Riley seemed to like the swing a little better this time.  Tuesday Pam's family came over for a BBQ as well.  Pam's brother, John, is home from Korea for a few weeks so they wanted to come hang out.  It was good to see him - he hadn't seen Riley since last September, she has grown a little since then!

Thursday was a busy day.  Started out with a doctors appointment for me - found out I will indeed need surgery on my knees.  Going under the knife on May 7th to get torn cartilage fixed in my right knee, and an inflamed plica band removed from my left knee.  I was hoping to avoid surgery, but at least this will hopefully end 10+ years of knee pain. 

Wednesday was Riley's upper GI, so after my appointment on Thursday we headed over to Dr. Nichols to get the results.  They couldn't see anything unusual, but at the same time Riley wasn't being too cooperative with drinking the Barium.  They had to feed her while taking the x-ray, so Pam couldn't be in there to help (since she is pregnant).  They said she drank enough for them to get a decent look.  So either there isn't a problem, or there could have been and she outgrew it (which is likely with a hiatal hernia).  She has been eating a lot better and spitting up less so that is possible.  Still would like to see her gaining more weight - she's currently at about 14lb 5oz.  Even though she is eating more now, she is also more active so is burning more calories.

Thursday afternoon we went to Pam's first OB appointment for baby #2.  Dr. Depew was a little shocked to see us again so soon!  Was able to hear the baby's heartbeat and see it on their mini-sonogram for the first time.  Baby was 0.80cm long, measured about 6 1/2 weeks he said.  Heartrate was at 127bpm, a little slower than Riley's first one (she was at 154bpm, but was also 7 1/2 weeks).  At this point, they are guessing the due date around December 4th.  Have sonogram pictures, but the scanner isn't hooked up right now so I'll have to post them later.  Dr. Depew said at this point he wasn't going to restrict us from doing anything and doesn't plan on it since we really don't know what caused the premature rupture with Riley.  Guess we'll just watch everything closely and play it by ear.

Spent this weekend working outside, got some yardwork done, finished my lattice-work under the deck, and cleaned out the garage.  Went to dinner at Pam's mom's house tonight.  Hope to get to see John a few more times before he leaves at the end of the month.  Next weekend we are headed to Manhattan to spend a few days with my sister's family, go to the K-State Spring Football game, and celebrate Makena and Landon's birthdays.

A few photos from the past two weeks (more are in the "Spring" album, click on the link to the right):

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