Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Riley rang in her first new year in sleeping right through it.  She actually was awake at midnight, but slept most of the rest of the night, before and after midnight.  We had a handful of people over to help celebrate, played some games, and put away a few bottles of champagne.  Maybe staying up and playing Wii til 4:45am wasn't the brightest idea though, haha.  I have to go back to work tomorrow; it's been nice staying home the past week with Pam and Riley, but alas I have to find a way to put food on the table since we're starting the new year as a 1-income family. 

This week, Rainbows will be back out for the first time in awhile.  Hopefully they can help with the latest issues - Riley can't stand being laid back while feeding, and has been crying uncontrollably a lot.  She has had a pretty runny nose lately too, so we've had her sleeping in the swing instead of her basinet to keep her more inclined, otherwise she wakes up coughing on the drainage a lot.  We think she might have an ear infection, but Dr. Nichols didn't seem too concerned last week - then again it has gotten worse since we saw him, so Pam plans on calling him in the morning.  Riley is also scheduled to get this month's RSV shot this week.

Other than feeding times, she's been pretty good lately.  Loves to sit up and look around, so we've been propping her up on the couch, recliner, etc.  She's smiling more and more, and when we lay her on her playmat she is getting better at rolling back and forth from her side to her back.  Haven't rolled all the way over yet, but getting close.  Been trying to do more "tummy time" too - her neck is getting stronger and she can hold that position a lot longer than before.

Here's a few of her sitting up like a big girl...

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  1. maybe she doesnt like laying down, because she likes to be so aware of whats going on? :) she is always looking around so curiously.... she is going to be one attentive girl!