Thursday, October 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It was almost surreal leaving the hospital, knowing that we wouldn't have to be back up there again to visit Riley. A whole bunch of firsts kept happening - her first elevator ride, her first time breathing outside air, her first car ride, etc. Such a crazy experience, and the most nervous drive I have ever made! But getting her home was so wonderfully rewarding. My parents were there to help us load up the stuff, take pictures, and settle in back at the house. We've already figured out that its going to be a chore taking her anywhere - lugging around the sat monitor and the oxygen tank - certainly a lot for one person. Our first night actually went pretty well. Riley slept good for the most part, and we aren't feeling sleep deprived this morning. I'm sure that won't last, but we'll take it while we can get it.

Here's a few pictures from our adventure home yesterday...

The Skach family, getting ready to head home.

Rollin' out, with all the equipment in tow.
Riley's first bottle at home.

Uncle Mike, Riley's Godfather, holding her for the first time.

Baxter hasn't really figured out that there's a new body in the house, but I know he will soon. He was pretty tuckered out when he got home and this morning has already shown more of an interest in his baby sister. Here's Riley meeting her big brother for the first time.

And now the real adventure begins. We're so glad you all have been there throughout this first chapter in Riley's life and can't wait to keep sharing in the rest of the story.


  1. Melissa KimmerlingOctober 8, 2009 at 11:50 AM

    I LOVE the picture with her older brother! LOVE IT! Congrats again you guys!

  2. AWESOME picture of Baxter and Riley! That's just priceless! Glad the first night went sooooo well! Glad Uncle Mikey got to hold her, too!
    Grandma Ginni

  3. Dang Joey. You sure do know how to make your sister cry. I'm coming home tomorrow and cant wait to see the little one! I absolutely love these pictures and I'm so glad your little angel has finally come home with mommy and daddy.
    Can't wait to see all of you... Now I must go find some tissues. See you soon!!
    Love you!
    Aunt Jill

  4. I enjoy the blog I'm so glad that Riley is at home Patti Goller Cincinnati Ohio