Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another step forward, another step back

Riley did great the last couple days off the C-PAP, but this morning she had enough episodes that they decided to move her back on. She wasn't handling the shortened feedings very well yesterday, so they moved them back to 2 hours but it wasn't enough to settle her down. Yesterday the speech therapist, who also is responsible for getting her to bottle feed, visited. She was able to give her a bottle, about 5cc worth, but determined pretty quickly that she didn't have the "nipple readiness" she needed to bottle feed and said they would wait another week to try again. Then early in the morning she had a handful of A/B episodes back-to-back, a few that required bagging, so they moved her back to the C-PAP and she has done real well since then. Oh well, we'll just try again this weekend. We're trying not to let it get us frustrated, we know in time she'll get there, just taking a little longer than we hoped.

She has an IV in again, but hopefully not for long. Because the episodes came out of nowhere last night, they drew a blood culture to see if she has an infection and started her on some antibiotics just in case, but so far the cultures have come back negative so those will likely be stopped by morning.

She's still gaining weight, up to 8lb 8oz last night! They changed her intake a little a few days ago, moving her off the "SC-30" down to "SC-24", which means she is still getting 50% formula and 50% breast milk, but the formula is a more normal formula, and not heavy in calories like before. They thought this would slow down her weight gain a little, but doesn't seem to have changed it much since she gained another 100g (3+ oz) yesterday.

No new battery was dead the last few days. Will get some good photos this weekend hopefully.

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  1. :( poor little riley, always having to do things on her own time! She will get there, and we will just have to wait for that day!! Love you all!!

    Big hugs and kisses from aunt jill!!