Thursday, September 10, 2009

100 days old...and a lot of 9's

Today Riley is now 100 days old. Yesterday, 9-9-09, she was 99 days old. She hit 9 pounds, and measured 19.5" long (not sure how she lost an inch?). That's a lot of 9's! I guess that will be her lucky number. Tonight she was 9lb 3oz...still gaining a little weight each day. She is still on the high-flow nasal cannulas, but they are slowly moving the settings down each day, and probably Saturday or Sunday she'll move down to the low-flow. Then after a few days on that, they'll try to do a bottle feeding again, or possibly do it right away if they feel she is ready. She hasn't had any episodes in the last couple days, and if that continues after she moves to the low-flow there is a good chance she'll move upstairs to the Special Care Nursery. Don't know if we look forward to that or not, we've grown so close to our team of NICU nurses and really like all of them. Occupational Therapy has been visiting her once a day doing "exercises", moving her arms and legs, positioning her on her belly, and doing some visual stimulation as well. They said she is making good progress and shouldn't need much follow-up when she leaves. She is still needing a lot of attention, the nurses are always telling us how fussy she is when we aren't there. They put her in the bouncy seat and swing a lot, and also spend a lot of time holding her, even though Pam and I usually both hold her each day. Despite how fussy she gets, she always calms right down when in some one's arms.

Congrats to our good friends Tom and Shawna. Their daughter, Claire, was born yesterday. Claire and Riley were due only a few weeks apart, so its great she has joined us now. Riley and Claire are going to be the best of friends! For those of you counting, that will be 10 babies within 18 months in our neighborhood, including the few that are "on the way". Like we've said many times before - there is something in the water in Falcon Falls.

Here's a pic from tonight of Riley wrapped in her "burrito" in the bouncy seat.


  1. I'd be glad to hold little Riley any time! Don't want my little angel fussing......She's looking soooooo sweet and I can't wait till I can hold her - lol!
    Grandma Ginni

  2. I would be happy to provide some pro-bono Occupational Therapy advice whenever Riley gets home! :) I'm so glad she is getting the therapy- early intervention is key! I am sending a package today, so be looking for it!

    Love, Melissa (and Kyle)