Monday, September 6, 2010


Well like I showed in that last brief post, Riley is now officially walking. And in just a few short days after those first steps, she was going farther and faster and is now practically running all around the house. I guess she finally hit the "toddler" stage. Its a lot of fun watching her get into everything and explore the world around her, but also a ton of work! She's blabbering a lot, but hardly saying much other than "dada", "bababa", and "ooooohhh". She's sprouted two very sharp teeth on the bottom, and we think she is working on a few more.

Baby boy is still doing great too. We hit the 28 week mark this week, which puts us past the point where little Riley jumped out early. So far so good still with this one. Pam says he's starting to move around and kick a lot, but I've yet to feel him from the outside. Hopefully soon, since I never did feel Riley kick at all. We're kicking around a handful of names, but knowing us we'll probably wait til the very last minute to decide.

Riley had her 15 month appointment just last week. She weighed 17lb 2oz and was 28 1/2" long. This means she gained over 2 lbs since her 1 year appt and is twice as long as when she was born! Weight gain is still our main priority with her, and just about the only thing she is behind on, along with feeding and speech. A lot of that all goes back to being inhibated for 2 months. She is catching up though, starting to eat more and more solids (up to 3 times a day now), and down to only a few bottles. Hasn't caught on to the "sippy cup" thing yet, but getting there. We still have the therapists stopping by once or twice a month, but based on what they are saying she's really progressing well. We really want to get her off the bottle before #2 shows up.

Not a whole lot else to tell from this past month. The pool is officially closed for the year, so looks like we'll be done with swimming. Can't wait til next year when we'll be carting 2 kids' worth of stuff. Looking forward to a busy fall, a whole new adventure around Thanksgiving and then Christmas right around the corner. Holy cow, time flies...

Here's a few pics from the last few weeks...don't forget to check the photo album links to the right, I usually add pictures almost every week.

Pretty girl ready for church

She loves her baths...

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