Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free at Last, Free at Last!

Today was a good day for Riley.  Started off with a visit to Dr. Nichols (pediatrician) for a weight check - she was 13lb 10oz.  Lost an ounce from last week, but still way up from last month.  In the afternoon, we had our checkup with Dr. Riva (pulmonary) - the doctor we had the unpleasant experience with last month.  She was pleased with Riley's weight gain and everything else, so she said we were free to turn off the oxygen during the day.  She wants us to continue to keep her on it at night, and wants us to spot check her oxygen saturation throughout the day, so we'll have to keep the wire on her foot all day, but thats a lot easier than having the tubes on her face and dragging around the oxygen tank.  Riley is now much more mobile and has a much prettier face!  We'll go back to her in a month, and as long as she doesn't back-track on her weight gain, or have problems with daytime saturation, we should be off the oxygen all together.  Immediately after that appointment, we headed over to Dr. Shah (neurologist) for her followup there.  He also was very pleased with her progress.  She has had no signs of any seizures since leaving the hospital, and her development seemed right on track.  He was so pleased, he said we didn't even need to schedule another appointment - unless Dr. Nichols or one of the OT/PT people see something that might indicate a neurological problem.  Both of these were obviously huge to us, and it really feels like we've had a monster weight lifted off our shoulders.

Yesterday, the Rainbows speech therapist was finally able to make it here to look into Riley's feeding issues.  She has shown signs of getting better, and at times eats very well, but still gags quite a bit and regurges a lot as well.  She had Pam make a few small changes to the way she gives the bottle, and also to how we do the solid foods.  Overall, it seems the main problem is reflux.  She called Dr. Nichols and today we have started her back on medication for the reflux.  Hopefully this will settle her tummy a bit and make all the feedings go a little smoother.

One more milestone, about an hour ago she rolled over on her own for the first time!  We had her on her tummy, and she pushed her elbows up and rolled to her left and onto her back.  Way to go Riley!

Riley and Mommy:

Riley and Baxter:

Riley with a clean face, no patches, and no oxygen tubes!!!


  1. so proud of our little girl! :D She is doing so great, and progressing so well!!

  2. Our little Miracle Baby continues to make huge strides! What a wonderful day.....nice early Valentine's Day gift! Keep up the good work, Riley!
    Grandma Loves you!